Indiana CDL Physical Exams

Are your drivers fit for duty? How are you managing driver DOT medical cards and CDL physical exams? Indiana’s Creekside Testing and Compliance can help.

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With so much to consider in regards to driver health – diabetes, blood pressure, sleep apnea and medications -making sure your drivers are fit for duty can be stressful. We know dealing with Federal and State DOT Regulations can be tough. Creekside Testing is well-versed in DOT guidelines and regulations and can be a great resource for keeping your drivers safely on the road.  Read more

Is Having Diabetes An Automatic DOT Disqualifier?

The strict testing of the DOT physical is meant to protect the lives of those who may be driving, as well as other drivers on the road. Dr. Erin Merrill, a certified medical examiner, is passionate about helping navigate all the ins and outs of the DOT physical exam.

When it comes to diabetes and being eligible to drive commercially with a CDL, a lot of questions can arise. Is having diabetes an automatic DOT disqualifier? (No.) Can I still drive if I’m switching to insulin? (Yes.) How long do I need to be on insulin before being approved to drive? (It depends.) We know that some of the rules and regulations for acquiring and keeping a CDL while having diabetes can be confusing, so here are a few answers to some commonly asked questions. Read more

[In the News] Trucker Smart Wristbands

Some define truck driving as the unhealthiest occupation in America. When life revolves around sitting stationary for hours in stress-induced traffic and pausing to stretch those legs usually equals a stroll through the aisles of a sweet and salty of a road stop gas station, it is no wonder truck drivers are faced with increasing medical bills from an over-extended heart. With the DOT keeping real-time data on literally every facet of a trucker’s cruise to export, there has finally been a smart device – trucker smart wristbands – created personally for drivers, not merely their driving record.

Smart wristband tracks vital signs to keep truckers moving

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